A few weeks ago, we looked at the top melee weapons in gaming. From chainsaws to crowbars, those were the top items for beating down or cutting up close-range foes in gunplay-based games. This week we throw out the gauntlets and take up arms, as we proclaim the top swords and blades in the video game world. Ranked by their popularity, their power, and their sheer prestige, these are the Top 10 Swords:

10. Durandal (Fire Emblem)

While western gamers may think of Roy and Marth, the first actual Fire Emblem game to release here starred Eliwood (Roy’s father). Battling against an evil mage named Nergal and some impossibly powerful dragons, Eliwood had his work cut out for him. But after obtaining the massive, legendary blade known as Durandal, he was able to get the deed done.

9. Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

It seems Square Enix has a flair for strange swords, like the Gunblade of Final Fantasy or the many Keyblades of Kingdom Hearts. The main Keyblade was held by Sora, who used it to aid the Disney characters in their quest. Besides fighting, the Keyblade was also good for unlocking things (duh).

8. Chaoseater (Darksiders)

Darksiders was about badass demons fighting badass angels, with some even more badass horsemen kicking all their asses. The protagonist War, being the physical incarnation of battle, was the coolest and strongest of them all. But he would have been nothing without his power-imbued sword, the Chaoseater, which he could whip out to hew through demon and angel alike. Designed by famed comic artist Joe Madureira, it looked awesome as you cut through demons like lawn-mower.

7. Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia)

It may be small compared to the other entries on this list, but this dagger makes up for its size with skill (kind of like Danny Devito). A push of the hilt could trigger the magic of the Sands of Time, allowing the user to control and wind back time itself. So while it may not have been the best weapon for sword-combat, the special feature makes this a more than worthy blade.

6. Energy Sword (Halo)

Many have claimed that Halo 2 didn’t innovate enough over its predecessor, but when the game it’s following is as awesome as Halo: Combat Evolved, you don’t have to do much. One of the biggest additions to the game was the Energy Swords, which marked the first time melee weapons were introduced to Halo’s FPS gameplay. The preferred weapon of the Arbiter and Elites, the Energy Swords led to a whole new kind of Killing Spree in online multiplayer… where a lunging slash ended your life before you could even react.

5. Lightsaber (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Lightsabers have been featured in more video games than any other sword on this list, so they would deserve to be mentioned as a whole. But there is one in particular worth mentioning: the black-colored Sith Lightsaber from The Force Unleashed. The final version that Starkiller can get, it looks like a dark void of death, and goes nicely with the intimidating Sith Stalker armor. Few weapons let you hack and slash with the speed and deathtoll of a lightsaber.

4. Blades of Chaos (God of War)

The trademark blades of Sony’s toughest hero, the Blades of Chaos are legendary weapons with the power to slay a god. Kratos spins his blades with speed and verocity, hewing through endless waves of minions. The attached chains provide a wider range than any of the other swords on this list, marking the Blades of Chaos as a formidable tool of death.

3. The Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII has a place in history as one of the most popular RPG’s in America, and was the game that introduced many in the west to the series, or JRPG’s in general. And nothing in the game was more recognizable than the huge blade used by the protagonist, Cloud. Slicing up enemies in turn-based battles never looked cooler than with the Buster Sword, especially when using powerful special attacks.

2. Soul Edge (Soul Calibur)

While you may know the name of its counterpart better (due to the series’ names), you’re more likely to recognize Soul Edge when you see it. A massive sword that makes the Buster Sword look like a toothpick, the Soul Edge has a huge demonic eye set in the base of the blade. Cursed with an evil presense that corrupts and distorts any who wield it, the Soul Edge is one badass blade. Use the complete form with Nightmare to see how strong it truly is.

1. The Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda)

Did you expect to see anything else in the top spot? The Legend of Zelda is one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed series in the history of gaming, and protagonist Link is one of the flagship heroes of Nintendo. While each title has its own setting and unique mechanics, the legendary sword of the green-clad hero stays the same. Imbued with the magic to defeat Link’s greatest foes (read: the many forms of Ganon), the Master Sword is the greatest weapon in all Nintendo-land. After the countless hours we’ve spent wielding it, across multiple consoles and series (like the cameo in Soul Calibur II), nothing else comes close.