Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Building Muscle For Women Tips

Muscle building is often linked with men. But without us knowing it, it is also equally important for women. Thus, building muscle for women is the best way to lose weight

and to lose fat


However, men are absolutely different from women in terms of their hormones. It’s the hormone called testosterone that contributes to men being able to build muscle naturally. But women also has testosterone but in smaller amount compared to men. No matter how hard you try women will never build muscles like men do. But you can aim to build and tone muscles to look athletic, firm and fit.
When you exercise don’t expect to get the same result like men do because women build muscle differently from men. You can follow a plan to build muscle that is specifically designated for women. These can provide you with the best results.

Push yourself. When it comes to muscle building for women it is important to keep pushing. While you don’t want to workout too much, you want to make sure you cannot do one more repetition in a set because you are too exhausted. If you want to get best results, workout at least 3 times a week. You also need to eat well in order to build muscle. Most women forget about this part and prevent their muscle gain. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. And you can consider taking up supplements provided you have ask a doctor’s permission about it. Like multi vitamins, fish oil and high quality whey protein.

There should be warm up and cool down sessions in your workouts. And you must ensure safety when engaging in health and fitness scheme. Above all for women to a have long-term success, the plan must become your lifestyle. It must become a habit to avoid gaining back the fats that you have lost.

By Leslie